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My students always had a little trouble imagining the setting in Catcher in the Rye. Instead of me finding a bunch of old pictures to show them, I decided to create this lesson so that they could imagine the setting for themselves. I would not recommend having students print this websearch. Rather, kids should save them to a Google Drive folder for you to grade, or you might want to have the students present some or all of their photos to each other.

Here's a link to an article showing the completed assignment.

Catcher in the Rye Image Search - Make a copy and save to your class folder

Use google images or a similar image search to find pictures that go with the following parts of the novel The Catcher in the Rye. Copy and paste the image, along with the url, in a word document. Use images that would be appropriate for the time period of the novel (don’t use a photo of a brand-new NYC water park hotel, since this story takes place in 1949). Some of the places may not exist exactly as they did, but you can find an image that works if the original is not available.

Description and url


1 Holden leaves school early (p. 51-8). He attended a prep school. J.D. Salinger went to Valley Forge Military Academy , but you can use an image from any prep school.


2 Holden’s arrival in Penn Station, NY. (p. 59) Penn Station was demolished in the 1960's. It was classical, with high Roman arches. It is now a plain place.


3 It WAS located between Seventh and Eighth avenues, between 31st and 33rd streets, under where Madison Square Garden is today.


4 New York City Hotels; Holden stayed at a fictional Edmont Hotel. The hotel you choose should have windows looking out at other parts of it (p. 60-2).


5 In the dark of Central Park South (p. 118-22, 153-6)


6 Try Sleeping in Grand Central Station (interior) (p. 194-6)


7 From the Metropolitan Museum of Art (p. 202-9)


8 To the Central Park Zoo (p. 209-210)


9 The Carrousel in Central Park The current carrousel replaced the previous one, which would be the one in the book, because it burned down in 1950. The current carrousel was originally built in 1908. It has no gold ring. Rides cost one dollar. (p. 210-3)



10 The band shell is in the park, almost directly west of his home. (p. 118)


11 The playground in Central Park (122)


Holden and Phoebe liked some movies, such as (p. 67-8, 162-3):

12 The 39 Steps



13 The Baker’s Wife


14 D.B. and Allie liked Emily Dickinson (p. 140)


15 He had Gladstone bags (p. 53). They are like carpet bags, only made of leather.


16 Holden and Sally went to a matinee on Broadway (p. 106, 123-8)


17 He and the Antolinis used to frequently play tennis at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, Long Island (p. 180-1).


18 Holden remembered playing checkers with Jane. (p. 31-2)


19 The hotel Holden stayed in may have been based on The New Yorker Hotel (p 60)


20 Central Park Benches (p. 118, 154)


21 Find a red hunting hat


22 Find the ducks in Central Park