Teachers, Sell ME Your Lessons

I want Educabana to work as a place that posts lessons and matches students to tutors. It's a great idea, but in order to get things rolling, I'm willing to pay you for your lessons. Why? Well, I want to sell them, mainly. Your lessons create capital for our site, but they also create content for others to find.


To be honest, I don't have an actual budget for this, so I'm not going to offer you what your lessons are worth. In fact, I'd rather you donate them to me and tell me I can sell them to help make this site grow. However, I am willing to pay something for original lessons you've used successfully as a teacher.

Maybe you're retired and looking to make a few bucks, maybe you quit teaching, or maybe you're still trying to teach and live your life. The point is, if you have lessons and have never thought of sharing them with the world, Educabana can help make it happen. 

This is not a system where you have to list your items and get tiny commissions for your hard work. Educabana will take a look and make an offer for exclusive rights to sell the documents. You can still use it at school or give it to your friends to use, but you just agree that we can sell the items. If you donate the lessons, we'll return those rights if you ever want to sell them yourself.

We're not going to get rich off your lessons, and neither are you, but if you are willing to share those lessons with others, Educabana can use your generosity to help grow this site and connect more teachers and students with learning opportunities.

Use the contact form if you're interested.