Laid Off Teachers, Let's Talk

If you are a teacher who's been laid off, I know what you're going through. While I have embraced the opportunity to do something new, I would have much rather made it happen on my terms. My wife should have been working full time somewhere, and I should have established myself better online as a seller of my own content and developer of websites. I was not prepared when the layoff notice came, and so I clung to either the hope that the district would realize its mistake or that friends and family would get into action to help me.


The district did not realize the errors of its ways, and about a year later, I am still waiting for that one really nice job offer from friends, family, or social media connections. I am not good at making connections or talking to strangers. However, I do have good ideas (like this website). I bet some of you who are laid off teachers or other kinds of professionals also have some abilities and ideas that your friends and family don't realize you have or don't know what the use of those skills might be. Maybe I don't know, either, but I sure would like to see if we can be helpful to one another.

I'd love for you to join Educabana, but if you'd rather just connect with someone who has gone through something similar, then let's try LinkedIn. I cannot guaranty results, but I can guaranty that I will take you seriously and do what I can. If you have a great idea that needs a web designer or co-writer, I might be your guy, or I might know someone. If you're looking to start a new business, I can at least let you know what does not work very well when it comes to marketing. Anyhow, we'd both rather connect to each other than the swarthy recruiters on LinkedIn only looking out for themselves.