Looking for a Tutor?

Educabana has studied the market and realized that there is a need when it comes to matching students to tutors. You might be a parent wanting to make sure your second-grader doesn't fall behind, a high school student who realizes your peers are more prepared for college, or a college student who needs some help with that big paper.



It's inconvenient to join classes at the local learning center, and classes might not even be what you're having trouble with in the first place. It's expensive to purchase long-term contracts from tutoring agencies. You are left with very few choices, but not at Educabana.

Our philosophy is simple: educators pay a small fee to be listed as tutors and parents pay a small fee to connect with the tutors. The tutors and students (parents) are encouraged to make contact and find out more about each other, like a job interview (which is how it should be). You can search the database of tutors on your own, at home, away from salesepeople.


Some tutors will want to meet every day for a month; others will want to meet once a week. Some will want to use homework as the basis; others will have a curriculum that works. Educabana can help guide with sample questions and suggestions, but it's ultimately your choice as an employer. If you find a few tutor profiles that work and then ask a few questions of each, you will be able to make a decision. YOUR decision. Google the tutors, their employers, their Linkedin pages... it's up to you (and up to them to make a good impression).

Great tutors want to work with Educabana because we only charge a small listing fee. We don't take half of their paychecks or tell them how to teach. Tutors can charge what they're worth, while students can offer pay what they're willing to pay. Plus, the details like where to meet and how to pay are completely up to the parties involved.

Educabana is beginning its tutor and student recruiting in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin region in early 2015, but the hope is to expand as much and as quickly as possible in order to help as many students as possible.

The Next Step in Tutoring - Learning Communities

Educabana not only has a great idea for matching students or parents to tutors, but we take it a step further because WE ARE ALL GOOD AT SOMETHING. We can all be teachers of some sort. If you know how to sew and your tutor knows math, it sounds like you could exchange learning opportunities. Educabana encourages learning from those who know more, so if you want to invest money in the stock market, why not pay for an hour crash course with one of our financial gurus? Have a computer whiz show up and help you set up your new computer. Have a personal trainer give you some pointers. Guess what, some of those people want to learn some of your skills, too.

Educabana also allows you to join forums and join groups. If you want to form a group of Jane Austen lovers from greater Des Moines, feel free. Our goal is to find people who want to learn from one another, not just make money off one another. We're looking to create a movement that improves society, not just an idea that makes us some money. Please join us.

The following screen shot shows a sample tutor profile.

tutor profile